Equity Matters: In Learning, for Life

The Equity Alliance Mission

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The Equity Alliance Mission is to promote access, participation and positive outcomes for all students by engaging educational stakeholders, reframing and advancing the discourse on educational equity and transforming public education, locally, nationally and internationally.

  • KNOW

    Survey the field of education for the current issues that affect educational equity. Receive updated information about teaching, leading, and empowering culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Critically synthesize and create knowledge.


    Produce knowledge that informs, challenges and reframes educational discourse towards equitable approaches to education for all.


    Collaborate with community and partners at ASU and a national and international audience through our growing listserv and programmatic activities such as the Equity Alliance Blog. We engage and disseminate our products on educational equity through social media to engage in participation as an organization. 


Transform educational systems by disseminating knowledge that transforms readers toward longstanding equity as it relates to ALL students, including culturally and linguistically diverse students and their communities for praxis.


Programmatic Activities

Our blog is a tool for e-learning.  It is designed to translate research, take everyday experiences, and uncover their multiple meanings to create accessible and useful information for news organizations, families, community members, and practitioners.  Our blog should challenge accepted assumptions and practices and inspire readers to futher discussion and action.  Each blog should engage readers in new ways of thinking and acting to educate all students.

The book series explores one of the most pressing needs in the field of special and general education—how to educate minoritized learners with disabilities—and will help readers to understand how this goal is fundamental to achieving equity for all learners.  Click here to see a list of all the published titles in the book series. Interested in submitting a proposal?  Contact Lorena.Quinones@asu.edu.  Submission guidelines for all authors can be found here.   

This interdisciplinary study examined the contextual factors that contribute to the educational paradox that exists between persistent racial disparities in educational outcomes, a policy framework that aims to provide equal opportunity and access to high quality intervention services, and persistent racial disproportionality in special education. Utilizing mixed methods, this study focused on how historical, social, and economic factors within school districts may affect the implementation and ultimate success of policy in reducing racialized outcomes in education. 

These initiatives aim to produce knowledge and advance our understanding of inclusive education across spaces and times. We feature here the various projects that we and our partners have conducting on inclusive education around the world. The most recent outcome is an open-access publication entitled, Keeping the promise? Contextualizing inclusive education in developing countries


Equity Alliance Blog

Tiffany S. Kyser
By Tiffany S. Kyser, March 13, 2019

In the U.S., discipline policies—in both creation and enforcement—result in re-segregated learning environments [1], the inequitable penalization of marginalized students [2], and limited access to learning [3] for historically marginalized students. Research demonstrates harsh discipline has...

By Valerie N. Adams-Bass and Riana Elyse Anderson, March 7, 2019

 Outside of home, schools are typically the place children spend most of their time. School should be a place full of lively learning and discovery! But what if it’s not? Imagine, the following scenario.

While attending a family reunion this summer, I was approached by a...

Catherine Bradshaw, Katrina Debnam, Bottiani
By Drs. Bottiani, Bradshaw, & Debnam, March 1, 2019

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018 may be viewed as a watershed moment in our history, similar to Columbine in April 1999. Following both tragedies, the nation was at odds about how to prevent such shootings from happening again in the future. How do we solve...

Nolan Cabrera
December 4, 2018

 I was asked to write this blog post on the “new racism” of color-blind curricula in higher education. “New racism,” means the way that overt expressions of racial animus have frequently been driven underground even though the underlying structure of White supremacy remains (Cabrera, 2019).  I...

November 1, 2018

The basis for gifted and talented programs is the somewhat innocuous notion that a subset of children are capable of high levels of performance and may benefit from educational services outside a traditional classroom setting. A critical first step in meeting the educational needs of such...

Susan Iverson
August 6, 2018

The #MeToo movement has brought attention to the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault in workplaces like the entertainment industry, government and health care, as well as our schools (White, 2017). Yet, sexual harassment doesn’t just suddenly happen. Rather, these negative...

Loretta (Lucky) Mason-Williams
July 17, 2018

Last month, I encouraged an administrator to hire an unqualified, ill-prepared candidate for a position as a special educator for students with severe learning and behavioral needs. As a teacher educator in special education, I had written numerous letters of recommendations and fielded calls...

Yalda M. Kaveh
July 3, 2018

The United States Census Bureau (2015) estimates that about 79% of the U.S. population over the age of five speaks only English at home. The second and third generations of immigrants in the U.S. share a...

Anne-Marie Nuñez
April 3, 2018

Let’s create a cacophony of sound to represent our intention. To hold these women up. To bring them into the light.

– Kimberlé Crenshaw, The Urgency of Intersectionality

In a recent ...

Thea Renda Abu El-Haj
December 2, 2017

In the wake of the 2016 election of a U.S. president who has stoked the fires of Islamophobia and xenophobia, democratic schools face a critical, moral imperative to proactively educate against this pernicious and dangerous political climate. Unfortunately, this racist and hostile political...

November 15, 2017

At first, it was alluring: children walking silently in straight lines, homework retention rooms, strict uniform policies, the promises of accessing a college education, and small student-teacher ratios. And it was all free, publicly funded, and in the same neighborhood where so many other...