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Special Education Leadership for School-wide Equity and Access

This fellowship responds to contemporary research, policy, and practice challenges located at the crossroads of general and special education. Over half of the special education population nationwide is served in high incidence categories and students from diverse backgrounds continue to be disproportionately represented. Unfortunately, the research knowledge base on disproportionate representation and the education of diverse students with these disabilities is scarce. The greatest dearth of research knowledge is related to ELLs and Native American students. This is surprising considering Native Americans are one of the two most overrepresented diverse groups in the nation and ELLs represent the fastest growing group in the country’s school population. In addition, despite RtI’s emerging promise, there is an urgent need to document and understand how these models are implemented and affect ELLs and Native American learners.

The Special Education Leadership for School-wide Equity and Access fellowship program prepares doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows in the field of high incidence disabilities to (a) increase the amount and quality of interdisciplinary research on disproportionate representation and RtI models implemented in the context of school improvement efforts to better educate ELLs and Native American students, (b) use quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, (c) engage interdisciplinary theories about the cultural nature of student and professional learning to investigate achievement, teacher quality, and programmatic equity as it impacts ELLs and Native American students with disabilities, (d) provide educational leadership in program administration and personnel preparation for a culturally diverse student population and (f) ground school improvement efforts in evidence-based practice and inquiry.

Students and post doctoral fellows are required to enroll full time and to follow a sequence of courses and apprenticeship activities (e.g., research and teaching internships and externships) with nationally renowned scholars in the target areas of the project to graduate in a timely fashion. The program of study offers students research-based courses taught by core program faculty and post doctoral fellows will participate with the PIs in critical research, teaching, and service activities. Faculty will also meet regularly with students in the context of research lab groups to offer formative feedback and mentoring.

For more information about this fellowship contact Alfredo J. Artiles (alfredo.artiles@asu.edu) or Elizabeth B. Kozleski (Elizabeth.kozleski@asu.edu).