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     Course 1 

Equity Matters: Culture as Practice

This course provides foundational information about dispositions and practices that support educational equity. Participants will reflect on how learning preferences influence the classroom and understand the ways identity, power, and privilege shape professional practice.

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     Course 2 

Equity Matters: Leadership for Learning

This course is centered around progress and setbacks made towards achieving equitable educational systems, schools, and classrooms. Participants will build an understanding of educational access, participation, and outcomes as it relates to teaching and learning in the U.S.

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     Course 3 

Equity Matters: Taking the Blinders off through Inquiry

This course is centered is focused on practitioners developing an understanding of the strategies involved in creating culturally responsive classrooms. The activities included in this course will assist participants in applying their new knowledge to begin planning for and creating everyday culturally responsive practices within their own settings.

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" This course made me a fan of online learning."
- Del, Diversity Coordinator